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“When you love something, you can never let it go.”

⁠— How I Met Your Mother


This quote describes exactly why we started this blog.


We have so many passions including UX, UI, design in general, writing, entrepreneurship, etc. that it only made sense to us to make this website. We live across the country from each other—Lydia in Los Angeles, Alexander (aka Zander) in Detroit—but when you’re amazing friends that share the same passions, it doesn’t matter the distance, especially in this day and age of social technology.


Before we even published this website for all of you fine folks to see, we decided on what our goals were going to be (as any good UX designer would ahead of time).


This is what we came up with:


We want to write about the user experience (UX) design process in a way that makes it easy to understand, without any BS, and really fun to learn.

UX Blog Goal #1: Easy to Understand

When teaching, instructions should be as clear as day. Whether you’re a rookie or a guru, if you can’t communicate, the knowledge you have will be lost forever once you’re gone. We will do everything in our power to make learning as easy as possible in this UX blog. 

We tend to find that pictures are great supplements to our writing in articles, so we’ll try placing as many as possible within our articles.

UX Blog Goal #2: Without Any Extra Crap

There is SO much roundabout information online meant to trick users and get their money.

It’s so hard to understand what you’re reading when you have to swim through the pile of…well BS! We want to actually give you our real and true thoughts, knowledge, and resources so that you can work effectively.

UX Blog Goal #3: Really Fun to Learn

We hope that from the moment you landed on this blog, you noticed that we have fun creating it. From our bunny branding to our content, we knew that if we had fun making this blog, then you’d likely have fun too.

Too often, learning about any subject matter has become a chore. We hope you don’t feel this way with our blog. (Of course, if you do, contact us and let us know what we can do to make it better for your learning experience”

The articles we are going to write have to be to our highest quality and standards. That means that we are willing to sacrifice quantity (i.e. publishing as many articles in the shortest amount of time possible) for quality. But as we said, we are going to have FUN with this blog—this wonderful, wacky creation of ours!

We hope you stick around! Well, at least so that our bunnies don’t go hungry…

If you want a good place to start, read our article on What is UX Design? Explained in 9 Easy Steps.


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