Google Design Inspiration: 17 Popular UI Design Dribbble Shots

There are plenty of Dribbblers out there that take inspiration from Google. That’s why in this post, we thought we’d do something fun and make a post revolving around Google design inspiration!

Every Dribbble shot below has to do with Google, from existing Google app redesigns to new concepts using Google’s Material Design.

If you like this “themed” post idea, let us know in the comments. And if you have an idea for a theme, let us know and maybe we’ll make a post on it!

1. Youtube Material Redesign

2. Home Search (iOS)

art82 image 2

3. Google Translate – Redesign

art82 image 3

4. Google Rewards Redesign

5. Google Drive – Case Study

art82 image 5

6. Analytics | Mobile App

7. Youtube Extension UI

8. Google Mentor

art82 image 8

9. Google Adwords concept – Home screen

art82 image 9

10. Google Glass

art82 image 10

11. Google Airport Free WiFi two step setup

art82 image 11

12. YouTube App Exploration

art82 image 12

13. Google Stadia Concept Android app

art82 image 13

14. FREEBIES – G-Drive UI Exploration

art82 image 14

15. Gmail redesign concept | Dark mode

16. Google Digital Garage App UI

art82 image 16

17. Google calendar animation

art82 image 17

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