5 Tips on How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels In the spring of 2017, I was a fresh graduate from college and immediately began my first job as a Visual Designer. That morning, as I got out of bed and into the car, I had feelings of excitement and nervousness, but I brushed those inklings of doubt away.  … Read more

User Stories | Examples, Template, and Complete Guide

What are user stories? What are some user stories examples? Do you have a user stories template? I’ve seen these questions floating around the internet, and I haven’t seen a very comprehensive article on the topic, so I decided it was about time to create this all-encompassing guide to help you out. What Are User … Read more

What is Information Architecture?

Whenever you visit a website, the team behind it has thought carefully about what information to show you, where, and how to navigate place to place. If you think of your favorite website – are your thoughts along the lines of “Wow, this is so easy to use!” or “thank goodness I could find that … Read more

Data Driven UX: It’s More Than An Art

I was a designer fresh out of college. In the past week, I had worked on some designs that I thought would drastically improve the experience of a webpage and I was about to pitch the idea to the stakeholders.  Of course, I was nervous because I was representing the UX team and this would … Read more

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