(App Inspiration) 50 AWESOME Examples of Minimal Mobile UI design

Do you ever get inspired by looking at mobile designs other UI or UX designers have created?


Well, we at Master Design Blog do!


That’s why we compiled 50 AWESOME examples of minimal mobile UI design to quench your need (as well as ours) for UI design inspiration.

P.S. we created both free and paid versions of phone templates for you if you want to create your own designs.

1. Natural AI food UI Visual

2. Gradient flight ticket UI design

3. Community Mobile App UI Design for iPhone

4. Reading App

5. Dashboard

6. Luxury shopping UI exploration

7. Onboarding Screen

8. Hotel Room Booking V3

9. Wallet Activity App UI

10. App delivery application

11. Wallpaper app design

12. Splash

13. Taxi App Concept for Tesla

14. Onboarding

15. Restaurant Food Ordering App UI

16. Sneakers UI App Concept

17. Travel project

18. #DailyUI 26 | Newsletter Subscription

19. Today’s recipe

20. ESPN Sports App Shop Page

21. Splash Screen Mobile UI #2

22. Food Ordering App Ui Design | Daily UI Design

23. Travel app Login

24. Dribbble

25. Learn Japanese Offline

26. Education App

27. Sushi Restaurant Application

28. Mobile application – See and say

29. Mobile application – Plants

30. Online Physician Consultation App

31. Design Course App UI

32. Greenery NYC

33. Trippy – Travel App

34. Art Fairs App

35. Jack – AI Employment Agent

36. Page illustration design-01

37. Explore Universe App UI

38. eCommerce App Camera

39. Application For Amateur Musicians

40. Joo Find

41. Smart Home App

42. Better experience for pet adoption

43. Plant recognition interface

44. Fitness App Concept

45. Neptune Meng-APP

46. Game Publisher Management iOS App

47. Starbucks Redesign_Delivery

48. Kids App

49. A kids’ learning app

50. Mood- Mobile

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