5 Products that are Festive for the Holidays

It’s that time of year where an extra sprinkle of cheer is dusted over everything – and tech companies love to take part.


Today, we’ll be giving some appreciate to websites and apps that like to add an extra dose of festivity to their apps!

1. Starbucks

Every year, Starbucks is known to bring out their holiday-themed cups in full force – but similarly, they carry that festive cheer to their branding across their board.


Their app is given some cute touches in a non-intrusive way to let you know it’s definitely the holiday season.


Firstly, users will notice their loading screen is now striped red, imitating a present.

Across the app, a wide array of holiday-themed illustrations and graphic designs replace the usual marketing imagery. There are plenty of new gift card designs that customers can choose from. As usual, everything is cohesive and magical, just as you’d expect from Starbucks.

2. Google

Google is the master of festivity – every day that there is something of importance, they’ll decorate their homepage with a new artist’s rendition of their logo.


They never promote their content with too much flash and pizazz. Usually, a simple link on their homepage suffices.

Sometimes, they like to get more involved and create interactive content. 


This year, they went all out and produced a huge, visually stimulating Santa Tracker. There is an abundance of animation, illustrations, and colorful page transitions to make it as cheerful as possible. 

3. Steam

Steam likes to go all out for the holiday season. In addition to illustrations and imagery populating the site, including adding complex interactions and an entire mini-game.


Cute characters are buttons leading users to new rules and activities, which are animated and cut-out like stickers.

Characters fill the pages that lead users to different content, such as how to win game tokens, and what to spend them on.

4. Fallout Shelter

Gaming companies love to hold holiday events for their dedicated playerbase. The mobile game Fallout Shelter joined in on the events, including making their classic mascot dressed up in an elf suit for their App store icon.

In-game, they’ve swapped out the background for a wintery landscape that includes some christmas lights. It’s just a visual enhancement, but it can put the users into the winter mood just by changing the atmosphere.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is known entirely for its wild filters. The holiday season is a perfect time for elf costumes, Christmas tree glasses, and AR stickers.


Snapchat added a dedicated “Santa” button to jump you into the holiday-themed filters right away.

Their filters vary between simple face additions to actual AR experiences, building landscapes or allowing you to place your holiday bitmojis on whatever surface.

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