36 UX Design Portfolios for Inspiration

There are some amazing designers out in the wild, so every now and then we like to gather inspirational portfolios to help us better understand the market.

If you’re interested in learning more about UX design first, go ahead and read our complete guide: What is UX Design? Explained in 9 Easy Steps.

So without further ado, here are 36 UX Portfolios that we adore!

1. Yezhi Deng

2. Kaiwei Wang

3. Katie Kendricks

4. Tiffany Jiang

5. Martijn van den Broeck

6. Jason Cho

7. Wesley Lauka

8. Rachit Gupta

9. Vera Chen

10. Kathleen Huang

11. Tanya Sangai

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12. Jessie Peterson

13. Tiffany Wu

14. Alexander Georges

15. Denise Nguyen

16. Liz Xu

17. Shivanjali Tomar

18. Fiona Yeung

19. Daniel C Young

20. Mitali Bhasin

21. Justin Barber

22. Raden Tonev

23. Moneta Ho Kushner

24. Eamae Mirkin

25. Kevin Chang

26. Jeong Steph

27. Shelby Lindblad

28. Gabriel Valdivia

29. Mark Wheeler

30. Karen Song

31. Dorothy Wong

32. Timothy Achumba

33. Andy Zhang

34. Jonathan Howell

35. Mario Gomez-Hall

36. Emily K. Watson

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