12 UI Design Inspiration Posts from Dribbble We Adore [2019 Edition]

Every once in a while, we find Dribbble posts that just make us go “Whoa, that’s so awesome!”


And of course, when the feeling strikes, we have an itch to share it with you all.


Here are 12 UI Design Dribbble Posts that we absolutely adore (and why).

P.S. Click on the titles to see them on Dribbble.


Broklin Onjei

Zander: “The first thing that I noticed when I saw this shot (i.e. Dribbble post) was the pop of color. The two most used colors here appear to be purple and orange. These aren’t colors you often find paired, and yet you see them used side-by-side on the price range slider on the mockup to the right. Broklin found a way to make it work by making the design very clean and simple, suggesting that the colors were very purposely and selectively chosen.

Broklin also uses a lot of rounded edges, making this concept app look modern and Google-esque. The vivid colors along with the curved design make it appear fun and lighthearted, which is something users will probably want because apartment hunting can be a pain in the rear-end (trust me, I know).”


Prakhar Neel Sharma

Lydia: “ What drew me to Alex’s design was first the concept – As someone who has done much searching looking for apartments and rentals, I was curious how they could solve this issue. Many of the apps out there today are dated, or due for a refresh. They’re slow to load, clunky to use, and have very little in “user flow” to guide someone through the process.

I can see from the few screens Prakhar provided that there is a “sign up flow” so that the app knows what demographic the user is in. This is perhaps a way to narrow down the search to something reasonable – a difficult task for rentals.

In addition, Prakhar stuck with a rounded aesthetic with a bold highlight color. Additional icons are used for visual cues. It comes together beautifully from the first look – let’s hope this turns into a real product for us to use and test!”


Arifur Rahman Tushar ✪ 


Zander: “Everyone’s eyes will go to the same two things here first: the word ‘Creativity’ and the yellow ‘bulb’ of the lightbulb.


Arifur masterfully uses size, color, and spacing to draw your attention exactly where he wants it. The user will instantly know the website is about creativity through the large font-size saying exactly that. Along with the incredibly creative light bulb, that gives the user both a piece of text and a visual to express one simple idea.


The orange in the buttons is a great complementary color to the yellow because these two warm colors are analogous (or next to each other) on the color wheel.


Simple design will go a long way.”


Dmitry Derevianko



We selected this dashboard because of how well each component comes together for the overall piece. There is top bar navigation, a left hand side panel for credit cards, and then the main dashboard showing quick stats and recent transactions.


Left hand panels are usually set for navigation, so I’m curious how this page would function in a usability test. However, we love the use of highlight colors, everything is easy to read and large, with enough contrast.


Desemy Kristanto

Zander: “I don’t think it takes much to understand why I like this shot. The illustrations for this app’s onboarding process is absolutely breathtaking. My personal favorite color here is the turquoise green primarily used in the middle image.

Desemy also makes interesting use of the colorful leaves to create perspective by making some of the leaves blurry. This makes them look very close up.

My only suggestion would be to make the first line of each screen darker (e.g. ‘Be the…’). As they are, they wouldn’t meet WCAG AA standards. They would need to be at least #757575 to be compliant. Other than that–this is awesome.”



Zander: “I’m a sucker for greenery, so I love seeing shots about plants or nature. SELECTO keeps it very simple with these UI’s by only using green as a highlight color. Especially when it comes to users with anxiety or autism, keeping to simple colors is very important.

The water, humidity, and size icons are great for making visual complements to the words beside them. Showing icons is always an easy way to make your interface look nicer.

My only suggestion would be to make the highlight green color darker. Right now, it’s #77B536, which doesn’t meet WCAG AA standards. However, making them a bit darker, like #568227, would make it compliant and still look really nice.”



Lydia: “Fitness apps are very trendy, so I love seeing different approaches. Jawad uses imagery to help users identify what a workout might entail. Course details give you an overview, while also recommending others.


Visually, I enjoy the white space while also using a variety of colors to pop against the background. Orange is a fun highlight, and gives off an energetic atmosphere which is perfect for this app.”


Masudur Rahman

Zander: “Did you notice that the boxy, hard-edged design of the website matches the architecture of the blue and orange building?

Interestingly, Masudur Rahman uses a more traditional looking font-type for each section’s title (e.g. ‘Our Commitement…’) in contrast to the modern architecture of these buildings. However, if you’re going for a luxury feel, nothing says wealth like an ornate font.

From a usability standpoint, I like how Masudur Rahman was detail-oriented and realized that the user might not see the content below the fold, so he put ‘Scroll Down’ to the left side in between the hero banner and the content underneath.”


Ajo Jose

Lydia: “It’s not often that a lot of color comes together so cohesively – but Ajo pulled it off here. Using muted, neutral tones to help convey certain sections actually works here. It feels earthy and natural – which is everything a food app should do.

The rounded box style is also clean and consistent. The navigation is especially quirky, sitting along the edge like a tab ready to pull.”


Sayem ahmed

Zander: “I included this travel app concept because it just looks really fun. I always love to see how people are able to make monochromatic interesting, and Sayem was able to use it to make very impressive illustrations that use different shades to create the perception of depth.

Travel is one of those things that can be very stressful, so I like how he used a lot of rounded edges to create a more relaxed UI environment for users. They’re a really nice touch.

He might need to be careful with using the pink for the ‘Book Now’ and ‘Log In’ buttons. As they are right now at #FF97B3, they are not WCAG AA compliant, but if he uses a darker background color for these buttons, this app can be really go above and beyond.”


Ildiko Gaspar

Lydia:”This one is fun because it’s a mockup of just a couple different component types for cards. Ildiko shows us some clean options for loading, notes, buttons, and links. There are so many ways to create actionable components, and I love to see how different designers approach even small ones like this. After all, components make up an application.”

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