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Customer Journey Mapping: What Departments to Involve?

This article was written by UXPressia. Check out UXPressia’s site to visualize customer experience and collaborate with your team in real time. Customer journey mapping allows companies to visualize a path their customers take, understand their experience, detect experience flaws, and identify opportunities to improve. Depending on the scope, your customer journey map (CJM) may

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Google Design Inspiration: 17 Popular UI Design Dribbble Shots

There are plenty of Dribbblers out there that take inspiration from Google. That’s why in this post, we thought we’d do something fun and make a post revolving around Google design inspiration! Every Dribbble shot below has to do with Google, from existing Google app redesigns to new concepts using Google’s Material Design. If you

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Transitioning Into UX: Why I Chose to Pursue a Master’s

As I’m sitting here reflecting on my path into UX I realize that it wasn’t too long ago I was working as a prosthetist, feeling apathetic about my current line of work and simply feeling lost.  It wasn’t until I discovered the field of user experience design through my brother, Alexander Georges, that I felt

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UX Designer Job Description Explained

If you’re in the market for a new UX design job, or you’re a recruiter writing your first new-hire job description, then you’re probably looking for examples and details from around the internet. If that’s what brought you here, then you’re in luck! Because in this post, we go into detail on the common elements

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Looking for more? We got you covered.

Looking for more? We got you covered.

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